Leading Worship December 9, 2017

On December 9, I get the honor of leading praise and worship along with my fellow singers Sandee Sjaarda and Christina Oakes (B'not Tziyon) at our shul, Adat Eytz Chayim (Tree of Life) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It also happens to be the time of my parashah, so I get to read from the bema. If you're in the area, stop in and do oneg with us afterwards.

the choice.

Released in 2000, the message of this CD remains timely. Listen for free to the songs in order as they follow a story line. "The Choice" by Chris Jackman, MP3 Album. Words & Music by Chris Jackman/Cordell Langeland(c) & (p) 1999 BMI 10 song CD based on a true story. Controversial, but necessary: The Choice, an eclectic musical journey through the devastation of choosing abortion as a 'solution.' Featuring participation from Cort Langeland, Marcia Ware, Josh Schicker, Sarah Masen, Matt Odmark (Jars Of Clay), Matt Slocum (Sixpence None The Richer), and more.

NEW SONG IN PROGRESS: "Hurricane", Christene Jackman

Most of the time, I start with lyrics. Sometimes the music and lyrics come at the same time. Here's step #1 of the song I'm currently working on. As your reading them, hear a Jazz type of music. Think Harry Connick Jr. I'll post a rough draft with the music when I get it. Still Tweaking. This song is dedicated to Joseph Levitch (Jerry Lewis) who passed away at 91, August 20, 2017. HURRICANE, Christene Jackman ©&(p) 9.27.2017. BMI Work No: 025553999 For Joseph (Jerome) Levitch. Music style: Jazz Ballad. I saw the news on the net – a headline of the day An old friend I’d never met - had gone and passed away Echoes of laughter - pratfalls and tears Thank you, my friend - for all of those ye