Shuv Show: Unthinkable, Christene Jackman

Jackman gets personal addressing a polarizing issue: abortion. WATCH THIS AND MORE: OTHER LINKS: BEN SHAPIRO Watch Ben Shapiro discuss the abortion debate: "Ben Shapiro Destroys The Abortion Argument" "THE CHOICE", CHRIS JACKMAN "The Choice" by Chris Jackman, MP3 Album Lyrics by Chris Jackman, Music by Chris Jackman/Cordell Langeland(c) & (p) 1999 BMI #4961426 10 song CD based on a true story. Controversial, but necessary: The Choice is an eclectic musical journey through the devastation of choosing abortion as a 'solution.' Featuring participation from Cort Langeland, Marcia Ware, Josh Schicker, Sarah Mas

Jackman Song from Psalm 51 reaches over 1 Million Views on YouTube!

Watch the music video, "Choneni Elohim (Be Gracious to Me, O G-d)," from Psalm 51, of David after his affair with Batsheva (Bathsheba), music by Christene Jackman, lyrics by King David. This worship video, sung in Biblical Hebrew directly from the Scriptures is a powerful tool to open the heart for repentance. Let the Word speak to their hearts. When this song was débuted, even strong men were in tears. Watch on our YouTube Channel: Purchase the download Music Video: #choneniElohim #BegracioustomeoGod #psalm51 #christenejackman #musicvideo #biblicalhebrew

NEW VIDEO: A Martin & Lewis Tribute FanVid

A Martin and Lewis Tribute fan video by Shuv Creative. Featuring the new song, "Hurricane" by Christene Jackman, written as a tribute to Jerry Lewis who passed away August 20, 2017. Song is a draft, live acoustic recording. To be recorded in full later. (GoFundMe link in "Show More.") Song Lyrics: HURRICANE Christene Jackman ©&(p) 9.27.2017. BMI Work No: 025553999. For Joseph Levitch (Jerry Lewis). A Tribute to Jerry Lewis and a call for Forgiveness, Reconciliation and to "Live this Life Well." I saw the news on the net – a headline of the day An old friend I’d never met - had gone and passed away Echoes of laughter - pratfalls and tears Thank you, my friend - for all of those years