New Music Video: "Gotta Be Worth Something", Chris Jackman

“GOTTA BE WORTH SOMETHING” Music Video CHRIS JACKMAN NOVEMBER 8, 2018 PREVIEW AND PURCHASE VIDEO THE BACKSTORY This new song, “Gotta Be Worth Something” was the product of me clowning around with a friend. She goaded me into trying to write a country song, a genre she loves—me, not so much. So I just started banging around some chords on the guitar, clowning around, roaming in a country story song place in my head and all of a sudden this came out: “Well, I’m not skinny… ain’t that pretty, but I can be a little bit witty. Gotta be worth something...” came out. My friend, smiled. “Hey, I like that!” She enthused. So, I eventually finished the song, then made this music video for it. Becau