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Christene Jackman "Go Fund Me" Campaign

On August 20, 2017, a childhood friend of mine passed away: Jerry Lewis. Though we had never met, as a child, I needed the laughter he provided. A month later, I wrote the song, "Hurricane", as a tribute to him. This song is an homage to Jerry and his partner Dean Martin, as well as an encouragement for all to "live this life well," to keep short accounts, and to pursue forgiveness and reconciliation. My intent is for this song to be used in various venues to promote this. The money raised here on my Go Fund Me will be used to record this song using jazz instruments: drum percussion kit, alto sax, trombone, trumpet, guitar, keyboard. I need to pay for the arrangments to be created, the session musicians, studio time, engineering, mixing, etc. I would like to start recording "Hurricane" in January, 2018. The music video will included your name as a donor, so please provide your first and last name . . . READ MORE: http://www.gofundme.com/hurricaneproject

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