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"Music for the Tough Times" bundle

Shalom Friends,

Perhaps you would consider buying this specially priced bundle I’ve put together with 2 digital music videos and their companion MP3s songs? I’m calling it the “Music for Tough Times” Bundle. It features:

"Yom Eera Ani (When I am Afraid)" (video/mp3) and "Adonai Li (The Lord is for Me)" (video/mp3).

The lyrics of these songs are taken straight from Scripture and sung in Biblical Hebrew and English. The videos provide subtitles. Maybe you or a friend you know who’s going through a trying time right now would appreciate it? I know what tough times are like. That’s why I wrote these songs.

Thank you for considering supporting me via your purchases and love gifts. To be honest, times are tough for me right now financially. My day job tanked. So believe me, you are making a difference in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

PURCHASE NOW: "Music for Tough Times" Bundle: https://www.christenejackman.com/music-videos


Christene Jackman


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