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"The Holocaust, where was God?"

Art turns to the Hebrew scriptures for the key of interpretation to one of the most catastrophic tragedies in modern times. In this examination of that ultimate tragedy, the issue of God as God is brought courageously to the forefront of our consideration.

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"Torah Rediscovered: 5th Edition"

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Many believers today are rediscovering the Torah as the book of the covenant given to God’s redeemed people. Believers are starting to come to an understanding that, while justified by faith alone, God sanctifies His elect through the Torah. This wonderfully enlightening book calls believers back to the rich and wonderful laws given by God to His people.


Excellent, Scholarly, online Biblical Hebrew Course.

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"As It Is Written:

Ancient Torah Lessons for the Modern-day Believer"

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(Torah Treasures Book 1)

The ancient writings of Scripture are overflowing with modern-day lessons. If we heed what they have to tell us, we will find ageless wisdom and timeless truths. Come explore their depths and find hidden treasure. In As It Is Written, Christina oakes challenges the notion that the first five books of the Bible (i.e. the Torah) is antiquated or no longer applies to our lives. Drawing on rabbinic wisdom, Miss Oakes offers a unique perspective on both the Hebraic roots of Christianity and the Messianic aspects of Judaism. A combination of meaty devotional and layperson's commentary, As It Is Written promises to offer fresh insights into the Word of G-d, strengthening faith and giving practical ways of living out this faith in everyday life.

"GOD: Getting to Know Him:

Experiencing God Through His Names and Titles"

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Do we really know God heart to Heart? Have we heard His Voice tell us about Himself in His own Words? If we haven’t, it’s not because He hasn’t spoken. It’s because we haven’t been listening. In "God: Getting to Know Him," Christina Oakes challenges us to rediscover Who God is in a deeper, more intimate way than we thought possible. His Character is brilliantly and beautifully revealed in Scripture through His names. Encompassing Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Ms. Oakes brings together more than 120 names and titles, elucidating on each name’s meaning, nuances, and significance in the everyday life of each believer. Drawing on both the Biblical Hebrew and Greek, she encourages us to hear the ancient voice of Scripture as it speaks its timeless truths and reveals its hidden treasures. Come and rediscover the One we worship in all His majestic beauty, holiness, and grandeur.

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