Re-airing of a Christene Jackman Interview w/ Dr. James Dobson

January 22, 2018

Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk is re-airing the radio program, “All Life is Sacred" on Monday, January 22nd, an interview with Christene Jackman & Cort Langeland. First aired in 2000. This program is to be featured on Sanctity of Life day today at Family Talk on Jan 22. 2018.


Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk
"All Life Is Sacred"
Guests: Christene Jackman and Cort Langeland


"Today marks 45 years since the infamous Roe V. Wade decision as we remember the millions of lives lost to the evils of abortion. On this somber edition of Family Talk, Dr. Dobson will talk with singer and songwriter Chris Jackman about her regretful decision to have an abortion and the song she wrote and produced about the value of the unborn child."




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