about christene jackman

it's not about me

What's really important

"It's not about me, really. Who I am is just not that important.
What's imperative is that you seek intimacy with our Creator
 and His Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus) our Kinsman Redeemer. 

A Messianic songwriter / psalmist, Christene Jackman focuses on the Biblically Hebraic origins of the Faith with many songs written straight from Scripture and sung in biblical Hebrew. Ancient words infused with fresh melodies mark this worshipful collection of songs by messianic psalmist, Christene Jackman. Many songs are taken directly from the Scriptures and sung in Biblical Hebrew. Some songs are completely in Hebrew, some in English, some a combination of both.


Rediscover the ancient paths of the Derech HaKodesh (Way of Holiness) as you enter into a deeper worship experience. Learn to walk as Messiah Yeshua did. Discover fresh intimacy with the God of The Bible.

Download free pdf lyric / chord charts of her songs so that you, too, can worship in the original language of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible). On this website you can support the work of Christene Jackman by purchasing her music mp3s and instant download music  videos and informational videos.


Christene Jackman also participates in the Messianic group, Bnot Tziyon with Sandee Sjaarda and Christina Oakes as lead singer, songwriter and guitarist.