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The Shuv Show is an internet audio show hosted by Christene Jackman. Shuv is a Hebrew word from Scripture that means "to turn, to return".  The Shuv Show discusses different topics pertaining to the current pattern of the return to the Biblical roots of the Faith, a return to walking as the Messiah Yeshua and His first talmidim (disciples) walked: in covenant faithfulness and grace. Shuv Show also tackles issues facing Messianic Judaisms and Christianity.


Torah. Not just a History Lesson--the Lifestyle of the Redeemed Community.

NEW SHOW: "Searching for God"

Shuv Show “Searching for God”, Christene Jackman © 5.4.2020. Thoughts on the covid-19 pandemic in light of Scripture, Yom Kippur and the Scapegoat, Creation and the Designer, etc.

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