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"The bottom line: You can’t without special apps.
iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod do not have a user accessible file system.
It’s not like a PC or Mac where you just download the file with the browser to your desktop. 

There is no way for a user of an Apple mobile device to “download” or “save” a file to their device from the internet without a specific app that is associated with that file type and includes the ability to save it.  

There are free apps available in the iTunes App Store like
iDownloader Pro Free that will let you download just about anything.
As you can guess, delivery gets complicated when every single file type needs to have an associated app.

This is a limitation of Apple that affects every single web page, shopping cart provider,
and content delivery service on the internet. The user will be able to stream compatible media types immediately to their iOS device, but they will never be able to save directly to the device without an associated app.

Because of the above reasons, iOS devices only have one option to get the media on to their device that works 100% of the time: to download it to their PC or Mac
and use the iTunes proprietary system to move the media over to the device."