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NEW SHUV SHOW: “Common Christian Misconceptions regarding the Temple & the Sacrifices”


"Welcome to the Shuv Show. I’m your host, Christene Jackman. Tonight, we will discuss common Christian Misconceptions regarding the Temple and the Sacrifices. As with any Scriptural issue, the answer is not found in what we think or assume. Remember, we have an Adversary that loves to sow deception, division, and chaos. Anything to get in the way of El, Elyon, God Most High, perverting His Holy Ways.

The issue must be stacked up against the measuring stick of: What does the Foundational Torah say, i.e., The Terms of the Ancient Covenant? What did Yeshua do and say? What did it mean to the Biblical Culture of THAT day, not ours. What does the passage mean, taken within its context?

Remember—if you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything. Keep it in context. And please do not allegorize away the literals.

It is the Lord who opens our minds to understand the Scriptures more clearly . . . "



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