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NEW SHUV SHOW: “Conspiracy Theories: A Dangerous Distraction”

Shuv Show: “Conspiracy Theories: A Dangerous Distraction”

Christene Jackman



"Welcome to the Shuv Show. I’m your host, Christene Jackman. Tonight’s Topic: “A Dangerous Distraction”: What people refer to as “Conspiracy Theories.” Oh great. Now I’ve gotten flagged again, possibly even shadow banned for even saying that buzz phrase. Something weird has happened to me on YouTube. Although my subscribers continue to climb, my income has tanked. Very strange. Ah well, the Lord sees. He’ll deal with it. Remember, all my songs and shuv shows are on my own website:, so you can always find everything there. I can say what I want on my own website without any negative backlash. I’ll put a link in the description of this video.


I am astounded by the vast array of weird ideas out on the internet, especially YouTube. Truth is doubted, denied; Lies are guarded, evil called good. For many, Feelings, not Facts, determine their “Truth.” But a half truth is still a whole lie. Installed on a man-hewn pedestal, Feelings proudly lift the chin, the faithful face down in ignorance obeisance. Tilted heads and narrowed eyes suspiciously regard Facts, and are just as quickly rejected, because they do not line up with their mindset. The Scriptural “Belt of Truth” that girds and controls runaway feelings has been wrenched off, tossed aside in the dust of “Well, I think. Well, I feel…”


But Feelings, AND Faith, must be corralled by Facts. Why? . . . ."

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