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New Shuv Show Podcast: "The Day of the Lord"

SHUV SHOW: “The Day of the LORD”

Christene Jackman ©6.11.2024

EXCERPT: "Welcome to the Shuv Show. I’m your host, Christene Jackman. “Shuv” is a Biblical Hebrew word, meaning to return, repent.

Tonight, I wanted to delve into the phrase, “The Day of the LORD (YHVH).” Best thing to do is to look up every reference to it in the Scriptures, Beresheet (Genesis) to Revelation. 


Just what is “the Day of the Lord,” according to the Bible?

To whom is the Day of the LORD targeted?

What is it? And why is it coming?

Is there more than one Day of the LORD? And/OR: Is it one Day, with several events? Mercy to the righteous and wrath for the wicked?

Here are some of the titles I have found in Scripture for the Day of the LORD . . . "

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