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New Song & Lyric Video: "Lailah" a memorial

The song, "Lailah" is a memorial song, written about the grieving heart of a great grandmother who found out too late that her granddaughter had aborted her first great grandchild. Not only did Lailah never get to see the day, so too, all the children that would have come from her lineage. Lailah is a Biblical Hebrew word that means, "night."

Compassion and love to the granddaughter who fell for the lie of abortion, and felt compelled to make this tragic choice. May she find healing and forgiveness in the arms of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). Compassion and love also to the grandmother who lost her first grandchild.

Lailah לָיְלָה

A Memorial. Words & Music by: Christene Jackman (c)&(p) 11.29.2022. BMI # 059551801

Lailah לָיְלָה, a Biblical Hebrew word that means, “Night.”

Watch whole video on Jackman's website

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