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New song Premiere: "Eddie", Christene Jackman

"Wow! I really like this song!"

LIsten to a sample clip


Words & Music by:

Christene Jackman ©&(p)3.9.2022.

BMI Work#: 055417874


Eddie was extraordinarily ordinary

Never securing a wife

Feeling the weight of his worth

He skipped and hobbled through life

Oh Eddie, your head's not right


Eddie was angst-ly acquainted with unrequited

Filling his days with despair

Clipping his lawn of astro turf

And mowing his greying hair

Oh, Eddie thought no one cared


Eddie was prone to ever perseverate

Never relenting the pain

Wearing his wellies on sunny days

And opening his window for rain

Oh Eddie, wasn't ready when the time came


Longing to be somebody

Back-stroking in mental mirage

Resisting reassurances

Eddie often self-sabotaged

Oh Eddie, when will you understand

Even Ordinary is Extraordinary in the Maker's Hands

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