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Shuv Show: "We Don't Have A Button For That"

Shuv Show: "We Don't Have a Button For That." Christene jackman 1.3.2022.

"Welcome to the Shuv Show. First one of 2022, entitled: "We don't have a button for that." I'm your host, Christene Jackman. Although I keep awareness of the Gregorian Calendar, my focus is the Biblical Calendar, which is a lunar/solar calendar—one that keeps track of the Feasts of the Lord. It's the calendar of the Father, of Messiah Yeshua, also known as the Jewish calendar. When Messiah Son of David returns to rule and reign, guess which calendar be sitting on His desk and in His phone? Might as well get with the program now and be ready. I'm just sayin'. I'd like to discuss a couple points tonight. First up: . . . " Go listen on my Shuv Show YouTube Channel:

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