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True or False: “The Law was given as a punishment.”


True or False: “The Law was given as a punishment.”

Christene Jackman ©11.19.2023

EXCERPT: "I just heard this statement again the other day and it makes my heart cringe. So much misunderstanding surrounds this thing we call “The Law of Moses” or MT Sinai Law, or The Law or the Torah. But this statement takes the cake: The law was given as a punishment.

From the Scripture we just read, obviously David did not regard the Law as a bad thing.

So, I googled the question “Why did God give the Law?”

Here’s the first response that came up:

“Ultimately, the purpose of the law was to teach the Israelites the moral code of the Lord and protect them from their destructive sinful tendencies. The law guided and preserved God's people, but it also provided a continual revelation of their sinful ways . . . “

Not too bad so far. They’ve touched on some of it, but then they dump in the rat poison:

“ . . . The law was always intended to be temporary.”

TRUE OR FALSE? . . . "

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