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New MP3 & Lyric Video: "Nafsheynu" (Our Soul Waits for the LORD), Christene Jackman

Nafsheynu, (Our Soul Waits for the LORD), Christene Jackman with B'not Tzyion. LIVE version. Sung in Biblical Hebrew. From Tehillim / Psalms 33.

Now available for purchase and download:

* MP3 song. Find it on the MP3 Album, "Jackman 3". $9.99 for the whole album or $1.29 for the track.

See lyrics by clicking on the little note with a flag.

Free PDF Chord Chart for Nafsheynu

* Lyric video. Find it here:

Find all Jackman songs and videos at

Thank you for supporting the work of Christene Jackman by your love gifts and by purchasing her songs and videos! You are vital to help keeping the music coming. :)

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