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Problem fixed: "A Silence that Roars" Fellowship at what cost?

Deanna brought to my attention that the audio was all wonky for this show. It's now fixed and ready for listening. Sorry about that!

Shuv Show: “A Silence that Roars” Christene Jackman ©2.6.2023

EXCERPT: "Welcome to the Shuv Show. I’m your host, Christene Jackman. Tonight, we will discuss an important topic: “A Silence that Roars,” Conceding to Error Through Reticence. Or, Fellowship, at what cost?

• If you journey through a jungle and join your fellow travelers in taking wrong turns; will you not end up just as lost?

• If you see someone doing wrong, and you say nothing, know that you have just made a silent contract of assent with them regarding their behavior.

• If we hear someone speak inaccurately about God and His Word, should we ignore it?

What does Scripture say? . . . "

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