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Shuv Show "A Silence that Roars" Fellowship at what cost?

Shuv Show: “A Silence that Roars” Christene Jackman ©2.6.2023

EXCERPT: "Welcome to the Shuv Show. I’m your host, Christene Jackman. Tonight, we will discuss an important topic: “A Silence that Roars,” Conceding to Error Through Reticence. Or, Fellowship, at what cost?

• If you journey through a jungle and join your fellow travelers in taking wrong turns; will you not end up just as lost?

• If you see someone doing wrong, and you say nothing, know that you have just made a silent contract of assent with them regarding their behavior.

• If we hear someone speak inaccurately about God and His Word, should we ignore it?

What does Scripture say? . . . "

Listen to the Podcast

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